FarmVille Agricultural Alchemy Decorations: Long Eared Owl, Wizard Gnome, & Magic Cart


Tonight's FarmVille update saw the release of not only a new animal and building in the Harry Potter inspired Agricultural Alchemy theme, but it also saw Zynga added three new decorative items to the game's store, all in the same theme.

These three items are the Long Eared Owl, the Wizard Gnome, and the Magic Cart. Even though the Long Eared Owl may technically represent an animal, make sure to note that this is purely a decorative item, as the owl can't be harvested from. It can however be purchased for a whopping 30 Farm Cash. The Wizard Gnome costs far less, at 12 Farm Cash, and finally, the Magic Cart costs 80,000 coins.

While you may have to perform some magic to afford the Owl or the Gnome, we're guessing that the Magic Cart's price will be much easier to swallow, as you'd have a much better chance of earning the 80,000 necessary coins within the 12 days that these items will remain in the store.

Which of these items will you add to your own farm, or will you skip this theme in favor of the Thanksgiving items that are also being released? Let us know in the comments.