Economic Recovery: A Replay of the 1990s with Tech Leading the Way

economic recoveryThe economic recovery could be jump started by technology. This could be a replay of how the 1990s boom was put into motion by the technology sector, reports Portfolio.

Tech is the one bright spot in the economy when it comes to plans for hiring in the next six months. Grant Thornton, an audit, tax, and business advisory firm, released a survey that found that 46 percent of tech executives will likely be bringing new hires on board. The demand is being driven by digital communications.

On the other hand, outside tech, only 29 percent of executives anticipate hiring. Therefore, you would be ahead of the game to figure out how you can be useful to the tech sector in roles such as full-time worker, contract employee, or vendor. You can also think in terms of the "multiplier effect" -- that is, jobs and business opportunities that will be generated by tech as the primary mover. Those could range from being a leasing agent for a rental complex near a tech facility to negotiating with the company to place your own vending machines in the buildings.

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