Could the Decline of Marriage Cause Some Jobs to Vanish?

marriageMarriage in America is in decline. The Pew Research Center found that 39 percent of those surveyed considered marriage obsolete. This number is expected to keep growing.

The end of marriage has grim implications for many job categories. Of course, you know that when those jobs vanish, others will take their place. In the interim, it's smart for you to be alert to not enter a shrinking field or, if you are already in that field, to begin the transition to a way of making a living that's growing.

What jobs could be in danger?

  • Wife or husband. In the 1960s, when 72 percent of Americans were married, becoming a wife could represent a full-time job. For those who were shrewd about whom they chose, this could be lucrative, without too much heavy lifting. There might have even been job security, for those who knew how to play the game. Severance in the form of alimony wasn't bad either. More recently, men who excelled in domestic and nurturing tasks could be well employed as househusbands or Mr. Mom.
  • Wedding services. Many photographers, magazine publishers, caterers, florists, honeymoon providers, gown designers, hair dressers, and newspapers hanging on through paid photo placement by couples will be hit badly.
  • Lawyers. They have had a brisk niche business configuring prenuptial agreements and handling divorces. They will have to migrate to other practice areas in law.
  • Psychotherapists. As an institution like marriage enters decline, those ensnared in it attempt to hold the dysfunctional arrangement together by consulting with relationship counselors. Sooner or later, however, this professional service will not be needed as much.

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