Florida Family Camping Out for Nine Days to Score Black Friday Deals

If you thought the group of college students who line up on Black Friday at your local Best Buy right after Thanksgiving dinner are hardcore, then prepare to be amazed by a family of 10 from Florida who are camping out for nine days in front of a Best Buy in St. Petersburg just to score Black Friday HDTV and laptop deals.

Local TV Station WTSP reports that the Davenport family was sick of being second, third and fourth in line for the past few years so they decided to camp out for nine days in front of their local Best Buy so that they could be assured their pick of the Black Friday 2010 doorbusters.

What does Best Buy have to say about a family of 10 setting up camp, complete with two tents, in front of the store? Apparently the company is so enamored of the family's action that it is giving the Davenports the "First Family of Black Friday" award to commemorate the fact that they are the first family in line for Black Friday 2010.

Best Buy will also be giving the family a gift when the award is delivered later today. We hope it's a gift card and a Thanksgiving Day delivery from Boston Market, or at least a few tickets for doorbuster items so the family can head home for a few hours together on Thursday.

Even though the family is taking turns waiting on line, it's mind boggling to think of the time collectively spent to save $1,000 on a new HDTV or laptop, considering the fact that Best Buy will sell many of the Black Friday doorbusters online.

Hopefully no one is mean-spirited enough to show up at 2 a.m. on Black Friday with a laptop and a wireless Internet connection and order the same items in front of this dedicated family.

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