Cafe Life releases new decor in time for Thanksgiving

Cafe Life Thanksgiving Stove
Cafe Life Thanksgiving Stove

Cafe Lifereleased a large set of new decorations and desserts for Thanksgiving already earlier in the month, but they're back for round two with another few items to add to the collection. This time, these items aren't all Thanksgiving-themed, but they're still promoting them as if they'll make great additions for your Thanksgiving feast. We're not going to complain about new items, even if some of these don't feel particularly festive.

The biggest addition is the two new stoves which were added to the game. The Wrought Iron stove is animated with a beautiful fire inside, which makes it the perfect cozy stove for a chilly fall evening. It costs 40 Facebook Credits, making it the only stove that costs real money at this time. The second new stove is the 50's White stove (shown to the right) which looks like a basic stove and luckily only costs 4,000 coins. For functional items, there is also a new Orange Espresso Maker, which costs 30 Facebook Credits (or about $3.00 USD).

For decorations, we have the new Olive Velvet Chair and the White Wooden Bench, priced at 15 Facebook Credits and 7,500 coins. The Fall Lantern and Fruit Harvest are both 15 Facebook Credits. There are two new wallpapers, the Golden Leaves wall at 2,000 coins, and the Festive Leaves wall at 1 Facebook Credit. There are also two new flooring options, the Dark Oak Hardwood at 3,000 coins, and the Ground at 400 coins.

All in all, this is a nice sized set of additions to the Thanksgiving theme that is already well underway in Cafe Life.

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