Our Work/Life Balance is Way Out of Whack, and Bosses Love It

work/life balanceOur work/life balance is all screwed up, thanks to digital technology. That's what Daily News & Analysis reports. And bosses love it just that way.

The Center for Digital Future conducted research on this, headed by Jerry Cole. What it found was that developments in technology reduced the amount of hours needed to complete tasks in the office. The average number of hours demanded on the actual job is down to about 30.

However, that same technology has made it possible for employers to add plenty more hours to what employees spend working at home. Just think of all that checking and responding to e-mail, editing reports, participating in video conferencing, and keeping up with the never-ending flow of information via social media.

Ironically, notes Cole, employers still complained about the amount of time employees spent attending to their personal lives at the office, such as talking with the nanny or shopping online for a car. Therefore, either employees should become more adept at concealing that they're conducting some personal business at the office or bosses should give their employees a bit of a break.

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