Where Every Day is Black Friday: Five Group Buying Sites

young woman ordering something online holding a credit cardBlack Friday 2010 may be getting all the attention, but there are good deals to be had both before and after the big day. Group buying sites such as Groupon, cut prices due to mass purchasing and often times make each deal as worthwhile as those found in stores on November 26.

Here are the top five discount websites that allow shoppers to do holiday shopping all season long, with Black Friday prices, every day of the week in cities, both big and small.

1. BuyWithMe: Unlike Groupon and many other mass buying sites, BuyWithMe offers multiple deals daily. The website sells services as well as products. Previous sales included loose leaf tea, airport transportation and DJ, Pauly D, spinning a live show. The discounts cater to over 20 major cities so far, but the site is still expanding and spreading the savings around the country.2. Daily Candy: Savings have never been so sweet. Daily Candy does feature deals on dining, but the discounts don't stop there. Everything from travel to clothing is also offered on the deal portion of Daily Candy. Each Tuesday, the company sends members an email with deals specialized to the user's city. Those who don't live in one of the 12 major cities on the site, can still take advantage of Daily Candy's online shopping. In addition to scouting major price cuts, this savvy site reports on grand openings and new businesses around town.

3. Woot sites:Woot.com is a deal-a-day company that runs a variety of different sale sites. Wine.woot posts one new deal each weekday that relates to wine in some way. It may be the actual beverage, accessories or even fine dining appetizers. At the beginning of each day, a new sale is posted and remains available until it sells out or until a new bargain pops up the next day. Wine's not the only Woot; Other branches include kids and shirt Woots.

4. Gilt City: Rather than posting a deal each day, Gilt City works on a weekly basis. This savings site has class. Make purchases such as discounted tickets to a private Armani sale and coupons to various jewelers. The only drawback is that Gilt only offers deals in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco. For the lucky residents of Gilt City's featured towns, the site's the perfect spot to save on splurges.

5. Living Social:Living Social works much like Groupon, but with a twist. Receive daily emails with unbeatable deals, often around 50% off and click to buy. Share the coupon with others quickly and efficiently and if three of the shoppers' pals take advantage of the discount, the original finder's deal is free.

According to Tech Crunch, the U.S. isn't the only country swept up in online coupons and group buying. Germany has Berlin-based Daily Deal along with City Deal. Russia and China also have Groupon clones. Russian Big Lion and Chinese Groupon.cn both look and operate exactly like Groupon. With multiple discount websites, now world-wide, saving on holiday shopping is easier than ever.

And you can give Groupons and other daily deal certificates for gifts, too.
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