Social City's Thanksgiving 5 Days of Gifting reflects on first Turkey Day

Thanksgiving Raffle
Thanksgiving Raffle

Soon enough, all of us will be gorging on delicious food, but why? Playdom and Social City want us to remember why with its upcoming Thanksgiving Edition of 5 Days of Gifting. While the whole set is available now in the Raffle, soon you'll be to gift your friends items like the Native Villages, Pilgrim Towns and a Pilgrim Hall. But why would you want to pay 4 City Bucks a spin when they'll be here for free in just a few days?

The items will, just like normal, be spread out over a period of five days. Each day you'll have a chance to give and receive one item. After that, the item will no longer be available and you'll miss out on the grand prize, so remember to log in.

Collecting all five gifts will reward players with the Thanksgiving Feast (22,000 Happiness), a item featuring Native Americans and the Pilgrim settlers working together under a massive cornucopia to create the greatest feast to ever occur on American soil. Well, on what would eventually be American soil, but you get the point.

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