Mafia Wars Serial Assassins: Collect the Calling Cards for Gun Powdered Milk

Serial Assassins
While some of you might be saying, "Another weekend, another gifting event," you should be more excited when you read about this Mafia Wars event's Mastery reward. In Serial Assassins, you'll have to collect three different Calling Cards throughout the weekend. The more gifts you receive, the further you'll approach Gold Mastery of each card and the closer you'll get to the new Gun Powdered Milk weapon--a milky white six-shooter with 134 Attack and 104 Defense. As a tease consolation, each Calling Card has its own Mastery item too. Right now players can gift each other the Dead Bee Calling Card, with the Golden Tiger and Dried Clover set to release in one and three days, respectively.

Take a look behind the break for a look at all three Calling Cards' Mastery Rewards and how to grab 'em.

Bee SharpDead Bee: Bee Sharp

  • Bronze: 36 Attack, 61 Defense
  • Silver: 40 Attack, 70 Defense
  • Gold: 44 Attack, 76 Defense

Toni TigressGolden Tiger: Toni Tigress

  • 63 Attack, 37 Defense
  • 74 Attack, 45 Defense
  • 79 Attack, 47 Defense

UnluckyDried Clover: Unlucky

  • 38 Attack, 62 Defense
  • 41 Attack, 74 Defense
  • 49 Attack, 81 Defense

The Bronze, Silver and Gold Mastery ratings of these Serial Assassins require four, eight and 16 Calling Cards, respectively. Master all three and you'll win the cutely named (and deadly) Gun Powdered Milk. The best way to go about this event is either collaborate a gifting system with your friends or just gift and you shall hopefully receive. If you come across extras along the way, you can give those out over News Feeds, which when clicked will reward you with a Card as well. Zynga sure has a way of naming items, don't they?

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