It Girl celebrates Harry Potter movie with new couture clothing

It Girl Harry Potter Outfits
It Girl Harry Potter Outfits

Tomorrow brings the new release of the next installment of the Harry Potter movie series, and Crowdstar is giving players the option to show their house pride in It Girl for the launch. Four new items are available for purchase, and while they're not branded with Harry Potter specifically, you can definitely tell that they're for wizarding.

There is a new Good Wizard Jacket Set for 41 Facebook Credits, and a matching Good Wizard Schoolgirl Skirt for 20 Credits. And of course because not everyone is Gryffindor, an Evil Wizard Jacket and Schoolgirl Skirt for the Slytherin in all of us, available for 41 and 39 Facebook Credits respectively.

These new outfits are limited in quantity, with somewhere between 2000 and 2600 remaining. You'll definitely want to hurry up and buy your house outfit if you plan to dress up for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows release tomorrow. As always, these limited edition couture items can be found by clicking on the "Store" button in the lower left corner of your game.

Which house are you? A good Gryffindor, or an evil Slytherin? Tell us in the comments!

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