Gender Discrimination: Topless Women's Rights Group Levels Playing Field

gender discriminationWomen in the Ukraine can teach American women one more tactic on how to level the playing field between the sexes.

About 300 of the Ukraine's women are going topless to agitate for their equal rights. American women might adopt this activist tool instead of filing lawsuits like Amy-Erin Blakely. Incidentally, Blakely's lawsuit is over gender discrimination due to the size of her breasts.

Back in 2008, some women of the Ukraine had had it with their gender-constrained role in society. Off came the bras, out came the bare breasts.

American working women haven't been having it so hot either. According to the Equal Opportunity for Women in Workplace Agency, the gap between what women and men are paid is 17 percent. In the most recent episode of 'The Good Wife,' peers gave negative marks to Alicia Florrick because she was seen as "aloof." No one would put the knock on a male for that.

In politics, Connecticut U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon had to prove she was feminine and warm. Since she lost, you have to conclude she didn't pass that as well as, of course, other tests.

During the counterculture 1960s, when the feminist movement was having a second wave, some women burned their bras. In this third-wave feminist movement -- for a totally level playing field -- it might make sense to go one step further.

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