FrontierVille: How to sell items from the homestead

Sometimes even the most simple of things can be the most difficult to figure out. Selling items has become a common requirement in FrontierVille Goals. Though, there has been little explanation as to how we go about selling, say, 50 chickens for the recent "It's Chicken Roundup Time!" Timed Goal. Without further delay, here's a short guide on how to sell items in FrontierVille.

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Market Icon
First things first, you'll need to buy items to sell them, right? So, click the "Market" icon--it's got coins and fruit on it--in the lower right-hand corner. Then, click on any item to buy it, though some require Horseshoes instead of coins, so make sure you have enough to buy the given item.

For this tutorial, I bought a chicken. Once an item is purchased you'll be taken back to the homestead where your cursor will be replaced with the item you bought in the Market.

Clicking anywhere on the homestead while that square you see is green will finalize the purchase, but you can move items around if you don't like where they are.

My Tools
Moving items is done by clicking the arrow icon in the bottom right-hand corner just above the Market icon. This icon is actually called "My Tools" and has a breadth of options including the ability to move items, but we're concerned with one thing: making some cash back.

Sellin' a chicken
So, click on what appears to be a wooden bucket full of soap--everyone knows that's synonymous will sales--and your cursor will transform into just that: a big soapy bucket. Now, click on the item you want to sell, which in this case is a chicken, and you'll be prompted by our good old friend Frontier Jack to confirm whether you want to sell the item.

Frontier Jack
Select "Accept" to finalize the sale and, poof, coins will appear on your homestead for you to collect. (Click on the red "X" icon to return your cursor to normal.) Now, go forth and get those timed Goals completed. And don't think about where the chicken went and just focus on the task at hand, trust us.

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