FarmVille Thanksgiving Basket's ultimate prize is the Turkey Costume

While one might have guessed that this would be the outcome, we've learned today that the ultimate prize associated with FarmVille's new Thanksgiving Basket collection feature is the Turkey Costume for your avatar (not to be confused with the Baby Turkey costume currently available to purchase in the market).

However, where you might think that simply filling the basket to 150 Dishes will earn you this prize (since that is the top marking on the table's meter), the prize is actually only unlocked at twice that amount, or 300 Dishes. In addition, this simply becomes a seventh item that you can redeem your Dishes for. It's not an instant-win situation - you will have to trade in a whopping 300 dishes in order to earn this Turkey Costume for your avatar, so if you want to collect the other items as well, you'll need to start asking for lots of of Dishes, and soon; either that, or luck into receiving the free bonuses posted by your friends when they redeem Dishes for these items.

Either way, this costume does seem a bit too expensive when compared to the other items you can earn, but we suppose it does offer users that much more incentive to keep asking for, and sending Dishes. Whether or not it's worth it in the end, however, will ultimately be up to you to decide.

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What do you think of the Turkey Costume overall, including its price? Will you save your Dishes in order to unlock access to the costume for your avatar? Let us know in the comments.