Cafe World Thanksgiving Extravaganza Catering Order: Everything you need to know

Cafe World Thanksgiving Extravaganza
Cafe World Thanksgiving Extravaganza

While we know that you all want to eat it, it's time to prepare the ultimate Thanksgiving meal first in Cafe World. In this brand new Catering Order for my second favorite holiday, you'll finally make use of that Turkey Deep Fryer released earlier this month. Thankfully for the newbies out there, you'll only need to be Level 3 or higher to start this job. Here's what you'll need to cook up:

  • Deep Fried Turkey (Level 1): 30 Orders (eight hours cooking time)

  • Homestyle Pot Roast (Level 3): 53 Orders (48 hours cooking time)

  • Pumpkin Pie (Level 3): 60 Orders (12 hours cooking time)

Find out to finish this meaty fest after the break.