Cafe World: Catering is now new and improved

Catering Business
Catering Business

Though it hasn't gotten any easier. Zynga has made improvements to Cafe World's Catering system, allowing for more control of your jobs and, more importantly, your crew. A new "Catering Business" menu has been added for those who have completed the first job. From here, you can manage all of your current jobs with some brand new changes to how things work. It seems that instead of having to get at least two stars to unlock the next order, you'll now accrue Catering Points for finishing jobs in addition to Cafe Points. These points can be used to unlock any job at any time, but some orders require more points than others, naturally.

Finally, you can see exactly how much each member of your crew has contributed to the job displayed as a percentage and broken down to every last dish. Better yet, instead of giving players a set amount of potential crew members for each job, players can now add their own crew members by asking their friends for outfits. Completing one set of gear unlocks another crew slot to use. While it wasn't mentioned by Zynga, we imagine there is a cap on how many total crew members you can recruit. The update has released one additional crew slot, but more can be purchased using Cafe Cash.

But here's the real clincher: you'll soon be able to fire crew members. Got a lazy chef that's bringin' you down? Boot that bum to the curb and get someone with more dedication. Hey, I know these are our friends, but this is business, people.

What do you think of the Catering updates? Will you be tough enough to fire a friend for lagging behind? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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