Burger King Employees Fired for Serving Up Profanity

burger king employeesBurger King employees have learned not to serve customers with profanity on the side, at least not if it is featured on national television.

The Burger King manager and an employee were fired from a Sacramento franchise. A customer informed KCRA TV that he had placed his order as usual at the restaurant. What was unusual was that the receipt had the profanity "f___ you" spelled out, not once but twice, in the space which usually says, "thank you." The coverage of the story went viral.

This act of going somewhat "postal" doesn't seem to be working as well for the Burger King malcontents as it has for JetBlue burn-out Steven Slater. Perhaps the lesson here is to pepper the outrage with a nice touch of theatrics and frame the situation as one that workers of the world can empathize with.
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