Lady Gaga Buying a Scottish Castle?

Flamboyant pop chameleon Lady Gaga has been unloading some of her newfound wealth by trying on some top properties as if they were wild pants-free costumes. Most recently, reports say, her interest in real estate has been piqued by something more stately and remote (although still showy). The Lady is said to have made an offer on a Scottish manor.

The 24-year-old singer apparently has gone gaga for what is said to be the most expensive piece of real estate in Scotland -- an £8-million, 17th-century castle with 60 rooms and set on 200 acres.
A Scottish castle (pictured below left) is quite a different residential style direction from the $14.95 million penthouse in Tribeca she currently enjoys. Or her Los Angeles 6,143 square-foot rental (below right) that rocks six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a resort-style infinity pool, marble floors, an office, gourmet kitchen, and outdoor eating area. She's been paying $25,000 a month to live there and apparently is looking to buy. (Back in 2009 it was listed for $4.75 million.)

Then there's also those rumors that she considered purchasing a Hamptons beach house in Sagaponack and another summer home in Martha's Vineyard. Other buzz includes a $21,000-a-month 3,000-square-foot penthouse at 304 Spring Street. That one is a bit more private as it boasts a 1,200-square-foot private roof deck with an outdoor Viking kitchen and an outdoor shower one can only imagine the "Paparazzi" singer will eagerly use

But beyond the East and West coasts of the United States, Scotland and the north of England have also become a desired destination for the singer. She's said to love of the UK's countryside and fortunately for this lady, the market is low and static. The castle of reported interest is called Yester House and two years ago it was listed for £15 million.

Like many young girls, Gaga, otherwise known as Stefani Germanotta, dreamed as a child of living in a castle. Indeed with the success of music career, the singer can afford to explore such fantasies and make them realities.

Of course, fellow popstar Madonna is believed to have influenced the performer's inner homebody. Already with a similar music career as the elder icon, Lady Gaga appears to trust Madge's taste for living well.

If Lady Gaga does does end up a Scottish homeowner, she wont be alone. Bob Dylan has a £2 million estate in the Cairngorms. Bill Clinton expressed interest in the £3.75 million Strathearn Lodge. Donald Trump is developing a top golf resort near Aberdeen.

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Still, really fancy real estate isn't totally a priority for Gaga. Earlier in the year she announced that her real home was the stage and didn't mind the touring life of living out of suitcases and crashing in high-end hotels. So she may just keep everyone guessing and hole up in her old Lower East Side pad that she's described as, "the cheapest apartment I could find and ate s–t until somebody would listen."

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