Zoo World Cornucopia: Everything you need to know

Zoo World Cornucopia
Zoo World Cornucopia

Zoo World has already released a lot of festive decor for Thanksgiving, but now the game has given players the opportunity to build their own cornucopia for the holiday. When you log into Zoo World, you'll be granted the option to start building your cornucopia. You can also just go directly to the store and buy the Cornucopia Frame for 1,000 coins. Once you place it anywhere on your zoo, you can click on it to tell how many of each piece you need to collect in order to complete it.

To complete the Cornucopia, you need 10 each of Autumn Leaves, Baskets, Grapes, Pears, and Pumpkins. You can ask your friends by posting a newsfeed to your Facebook wall, or you can buy each individual item for 1 Wildlife Point. This means that it will cost you 1,000 coins and 50 Wildlife Points to get the cornucopia without bothering any of your friends. The finished Cornucopia looks like this:

There are 22 days remaining before you will no longer be able to build your cornucopia, so log in today and start collecting pieces!

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