Zoo Paradise: New breedable dragons create exclusive offspring

Zoo Paradise dragons
Zoo Paradise dragons

Zoo Paradise has been getting rather wacky with their creations as of late, and this new one is no exception. There are now Dragons available in the store, and you can breed them together in order to make new colors of dragons. The available dragons in the store are the Golden Dragon for 70 Facebook Credits, and the Dragon (which is green) for 60 Credits. The Golden Dragon is a premium dragon, and if you breed your regular dragon to it you have a higher chance of getting exclusive colored offspring.

So far, we don't know too much about these dragons because they're a bit too expensive for us to try them out. It would appear that having two dragons will allow you to breed them together and make additional dragons. The color possibilities are unknown, but we do know that there are definitely blue, pink, purple, lime green, red, and white dragons because the promotional image for the dragons showed them. We're a bit sad that we can't try out the new dragons without spending Facebook Credits, but we've seen them in our neighbor's zoos and we're loving what we see.

Do you love the new breedable dragons? What colors have you made so far?