Undercover Employee: Get Story, Get Rich

Undercover Employee, unlike 'Undercover Boss,' is nothing new. What is new is that you can make a lot of money getting the goods on your "employer."

Until this tabloid era, those with a mission, like journalist Barbara Ehrenreich, would get hired for jobs in order to accomplish some good by reporting on conditions there. Ehrenreich published 'Nickel And Dimed' about working at the bottom of the food chain.

Now, there can be a major economic payoff from working for a secretive organization such as the White House or the Jones Day law firm, taking notes, and then releasing the information and insights. That could take the form of a book, documentary, series of talks on the lecture circuit, or establishment of a foundation. Or, you can get hired by the competition which wants to leverage what you know to get an edge over your former employer.

Does this sound awful to you? Maybe it does. But it is becoming the way of the world. In her book 'Shadow Elite,' Janine Wedel describes how the new breed of hustler, who winds up with tremendous wealth and power, moving from organization to organization. They apply what they know about the inside workings of their last few jobs to create their next opportunity.

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