Treasure Isle: New limited time fall themed animals

Treasure Isle fall animals
Treasure Isle fall animals

Along with the new Thanksgiving decorations released in Treasure Isle, Zynga has also given us eight new adorable fall animals to wander our islands. These animals are all available for only 12 days, and each one of them requires you to pay out with Island Cash. This could definitely get expensive if you're wanting to collect them all.

These animals are not just cute companions, they also provide you bonuses to your max energy. Any animal that gives you +3 to energy will cost you 65 Island Cash. Animals that give you +2 energy are priced at 55 Island Cash, and animals that give you 1 energy will set you back 35 Island Cash. Here are the animals you can get your hands on right now in Treasure Isle:

Rex the Raccoon - 3 Energy
Skunky the Skunk - 3 Energy
Sam the Squirrel - 2 Energy
Foxy the Fox - 2 Energy
Fuzz the Fox - 2 Energy
Bun Buns the Bunny - 1 Energy
Ben the Badger - 1 Energy
Bucky the Buck - 1 Energy

These aren't the most creative names we've ever heard of, but we'll give Treasure Isle a break. These items aren't really very fall-themed, but Treasure Isle are calling them fall animals.

Which animal do you think is the cutest?

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