Social City revisits Honda, increases Daily Bonus and more in update

Honda Odyssey

Community GardenIt's time to witness the Odyssey again in Social City after the game's most recent update. Playdom has added another Honda Odyssey video for players to watch, but the reward for viewing the ad is the same old Honda Dealership. If you've watched the first video within a week of today, wait until next to watch this new clip or you won't receive the free item. For what might be a 30-second ad that plays within your game, this isn't a bad deal at all.

Also included in today's update is a much-needed increase to the Daily Bonus considering today's buildings are starting to cost astronomical amounts of coins. Furthermore, Playdom phased out the Autumn Raffle to introduce the November Raffle (which... is still autumn) that includes some of the items released recently for the standard 8 City Bucks a spin. Lastly, this update reigns one, lonely new item: the Community Garden. For 23 City Bucks, or just under $5, this grass roots agricultural center will boost Happiness by 23 thousand and grant you 680 XP.

What are your thoughts on this tiny update? What changes or additions would you like to see in Social City? Let us know in the comments. Add Comment.
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