Sleepy Pilot Blamed for Deadly Air India Crash

A sleepy pilot is to blame for a Boeing 737 crash in southern India that killed 158 people, an official investigation has found.

The Air India jet crashed near Mangalore airport in May. Only eight onboard survived.

A government-appointed Court of Inquiry found the Serbian pilot, Zlatko Glusica, slept through much of the 3-hour flight from Dubai, and was "disoriented" when the plane began its descent.

Data recorders recovered at the crash site caught the sound of "heavy nasal snoring and breathing" in the cockpit, investigators say in their report.

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) assisted in the data and voice recorder analysis.

The panel in India found Glusica – who had 10,200 hours of flying experience – was both slow to react and did not follow many standard operating procedures during the landing.

The plane's co-pilot, H.S. Ahluwalia, is heard on the cockpit voice recorder repeatedly warning Glusica to abort the landing. The last words heard from the cockpit are "Oh my God."

The plane overshot a hilltop runway, landed in a deep gorge and burst into flames. The crash was the worst in India since 1996.

Aviation officials in India say they will study the report before taking any action.
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