Protect your friend's hood in Crime City

Crime City protect
Crime City protect

Crime City is growing rapidly, with over 5.4 million monthly players enjoying the game. New features and items continue to be released at a pace that keeps players interested and keeps the fun happening for everyone.

One thing that is sort of annoying in Crime City is that your buildings have a chance of being robbed when you're not playing. Sometimes you will log in to collect your earnings and resources, and you will lose them all because your building was robbed. Today, Crime City has solved this by allowing your friends to protect your building.

When you visit one of your friends' hoods, you can click on any building with the protect emblem over it. This doesn't use any energy, but you can only do it to one building. It will help protect the building against robberies, and help save your friends some time and money.

We love features in games that make them more social, such as the ability to revive dead crops in FrontierVille. This feature makes visiting your friends a benefit to both you and your friend and we like that.

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