Pet Society Stadium Turkey Challenge puts your pet to the turkeys' test

Stadium Turkey Challenge
Stadium Turkey Challenge

Ready...set... gobble? In Pet Society, turkeys will be taking over the Stadium tomorrow through Thanksgiving. It's your job to show this birds who truly is fleet of foot. Or would it be fleet of feather? Anyway, today will be the last day for a little while that you'll be able to race normal pets as tomorrow they'll all be replaced by posthaste poultry that are ready to win.

No special prizes were mentioned on the Pet Society Blog, so this just looks like a novelty feature. Though, some dark meat sounds great right about now.

It seems like the same racing rules will apply: click to run, click to jump, click when over speed boosts and click to remove bananas. In other words, just click your fingers off and you should be OK (though, it does require some finesse). Check out Pet Society tomorrow to give these otherwise delicious birds a run for their money.

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