Palin's Alaska: 1st Glimpse of Wasilla Home

First glimpse at Sarah Palin's Alaska homeIt seems Bristol Palin isn't the only one making big moves in TV land. With the debut of the reality series "Sarah Palin's Alaska" on Sunday, the former Alaska governor and running mate of John McCain gave the world its first glimpse into her Wasilla, Alaska home.

As one might expect, the interior screams new American taxidermy --an elk's head adorns a vacant, off-white wall and children frolic on a bearskin rug atop a leopard-print sheet. And if you squint, you might just see Russia from Palin's concrete slab of a patio.

(Photos are at the end of this post.)
The two-story family home was appraised at more than $500,000. For more photos of the Tea Party's favorite new reality star's home, check out

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