New FarmVille Limited Edition Crop: White Pumpkin

In a very late update this evening (or early this morning, depending on your thinking), Zynga has added a new limited edition crop to FarmVille in the form of the White Pumpkin.

This crop has been released as part of the now full-fledged Thanksgiving theme, and is available to grow until December 17. White Pumpkins can be planted for 100 coins per square, and they take a full eight hours to mature. You'll earn a single experience point for each square of the White Pumpkins that you plant, and they can be harvested for 150 coins, for just a 50 coin profit overall.

White Pumpkins are masterable, with the first star of mastery being available at a whopping 1000 harvests. With the crop's time limit of a month, it might be harder for some users (especially those with smaller fields) to make it through the three stars, so start planting these pumpkins now if you want a chance at earning the limited edition mastery sign.

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Will you switch all of your farming to White Pumpkins for the Thanksgiving holiday, or will you let this themed crop pass you by? Let us know in the comments.