My Vineyard Quaint Mystery Box: Find out what's inside


Playdom's My Vineyard released a new Mystery Box today - the Quaint Mystery Box. This one will cost you 18 Wine Cash each, and the resulting items are completely random. These items are all cozy realistic items for your vineyard, and many players on the Playdom forums are claiming that this is the best Mystery Box yet. We bet you want to know what's inside don't you? Here you go:

Quaint Cottage
Quaint Planter
Quaint Table and 2 Chairs
Quaint Swing
Quaint Banquet Table

While they're not exactly Thanksgiving items, you could still throw yourself a pretty quaint Turkey Day feast with these items. Get something you don't like? Sell it in your General Store to other players and make a profit!

This Mystery Box is limited quantity, and there are only 9,666 available as of this writing. We're sure these will sell fast because the items inside are just too cute for words.

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