MLM Success: Former Broadway Singer Hits High Note with SendOutCards

mlm sendoutcardsJules Price and her husband were living in the fast lane of New York City. Price was one of only four professional singers with the New York City Ballet and also sang on Broadway, and her husband worked long grueling hours as a chef. Their life together was about late nights, long hours, traveling and stress. Can you say burnout?

One day it became time for a change. "We wanted more of a lifestyle--more room, more space, a different culture, everything--so we moved to Sarasota, Florida," Jules explained.

Price's husband went to work opening his own catering business, but Jules had no professional plans of her own, until she received, "the Starbucks card that changed her life."

Upon her arrival in Florida, Jules began looking online at various clubs so she could meet some people and make friends. Seven months later, she was traveling again with the Ballet a few times per year but still hadn't found a job in Sarasota, when she received a birthday card with a Starbucks gift certificate from Christine, a woman she had only met online, very briefly.

Jules immediately called Christine to thank her and ask how she knew it was her birthday, and Christine told her about SendOutCards. "When she showed me how SendOutCards worked, I knew I had found something else I could be passionate about other than singing," says Jules.

SendOutCards is the modern day form of what happens when Hallmark cards and snail mail meet with digital technology and computer management systems- a way to send personalized and completely customized congratulations, greetings, kind words and small gifts the easy and fast way. The cards and gifts are sent through the regualr mail and a software program on your computer helps keep you organized so that you never miss a birthday, holiday, or anniversary again. In less than 60 seconds, a SOC distributor, like Jules, can send a personalized greeting card to the person of her choice with the help of SOC, who prints the customized card, stuffs it into the envelope, and mails it. This streamlined process is very popular with individuals, says Jules, who never like to miss birthdays and anniversaries and with small business owners, like Real Estate agents who use it as a marketing tool, to send thank yous to their past clients.

Start Up Costs

For $457, Price become an entry-level distributor with SOC, allowing her to spread the word about SOC as a tool and build a sphere while earning commissions and bonuses; a software database account management system; $100 worth of cards and gifts (chocolates, coffees, teas, cookies, gift cards to various stores etc.) and a card making system similar to Photo Shop. Within the first month of being in business, Jules made five times her initial investment -- that's almost $2500 -- and she has never spent more than she has made. Three years into this freshman business (SOC is only five years old), Jules is ranked number 18 out of all 150,000+ employees of SOC in terms of earning income. "Now I make a CEO's salary without having gone to business school," she says.

Pros And Cons

Jules attributes her success with SOC to the fact that there are no quotas with this business--she is selling something consumable--and the fact that this is a user-friendly business that makes people happy. It's been a good fit for her upbeat, outgoing personality. "This is a way to create stable income without the stress," says Price. "You can have kids, a family, a crisis or whatever, leave it and come back to it and it will still be there. If you get busy, you can come back to it later."


Price knows that SOC is not everyone's thing, but she believes that if you apply yourself everyday to this type of work, you too can find success. She also says that the biggest misconception she encounters is that SOC is a girlie business: SOC is actually dominated by men. "Men relate to the business aspect of SOC (it's a good business tool, it only costs .62 to send a card, etc.) while women relate more to the emotional side of it (why you need to send these cards and gifts), but the business is about selling, forming relationships and making people feel good," says Jules.

However, Jules recommends, "not quitting your day job." While she was still traveling and singing with the Ballet, she spent 30 minutes a day, a few times a week initially, building up her SOC business. Once she felt she had mastered it and understood how it worked, she knew she could leave behind her singing career and income and support herself just with her SOC business alone. "I am not trying to set myself apart as an expert, I am just trying to show others what I did that worked so they can see how."

This professional singer from the big city and fast lane was able to slow things down and find her professional niche with one of the youngest MLM companies because someone she had never met in person took the time to do something nice. "As someone who had no MLM experience before this, you really have to align yourself with the fact that network marketing is not a bad thing--it can give you freedom and stability."

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