Sample Resume: Loan Specialist for the Federal Government

loan specialist resume exampleBarbara Kelly lost her job along with many other retail bank and credit union managers and employees. She decided she wanted a position with FDIC offering her retail banking experience. She turned to Kathryn Troutman, president of The Resume Place, Inc., to redesign and target her private industry retail bank resume into a federal resume that would show her skills and experience in federal regulations, compliance, auditing, banking functions, and lending.

What were the hurdles in Barbara's background?

Barbara had worked in retail banking for 20 years. Her original private industry resume was a short list of six bullets that described her last position. So the challenge was to emphasize the knowledge that she had from her years in banking with expertise in lending and policy setting for retail banks. FDIC was hiring many experienced bankers who could examine insured depository institutions. The position would involve knowledge of lending practices and examining loan deficiencies. Since Barbara had been handling loans on the "other side of the desk" for 20 years, she had knowledge of loans, laws and compliant lending practices.

This was Barbara's original description in her private industry resume of her last job of three years. This is too short for a federal resume and did not emphasize policy, knowledge, supervision, training or any of the higher level experiences she actually did perform.

  • Manager over 8 branches with $65 million in assets.
  • Responsible for strategic planning, budgeting, and new products.
  • Perform accounting work as needed.
  • Oversee 29 employees and hire staff.
  • Visit branches and oversee operations.
  • Directed the build-out and opening activities of the last four branches.

What strategies were used to make Barbara memorable?

Barbara's original resume was simply a short bullet list. Her experience was typical, six jobs in retail banking over 20 years. So, emphasizing her knowledge of laws and regulations made a difference for Barbara. She did have knowledge of Check 21, Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act, and Privacy of Consumer Information. These were laws that she followed every day -- without really realizing it. So, the federal resume expanded each major area of her work: regulatory oversight, managing operations; supervising performance of 29 employees; traveling to visit branches and giving recommendations; writing reports; and being a member of the disaster recovery team.

The federal resume was written in the outline format, which featured keywords from the announcement in ALL CAPS, so that the resume was easy for the human resources specialist to read and see the keywords and skills from the announcement.

How did you prove the impact Barbara made on her past employers?

Adding Barbara's key accomplishments to the last position was critical. We wrote that she updated policy manuals for the staff to improve lending practice policies. We demonstrated her knowledge and expertise by writing about her training materials, standard operating procedures and opening up the branches. The outline format with the Accomplishments separated into its own section helps the human resources specialist and the hiring manager see the accomplishments. Many federal resumes do not stand out because they are not easy to read.

What were the results of Barbara's federal job search campaign?


Barbara was making $53K in her last position. The federal position started at $54,494 to $70,843 per year. Barbara's past car allowance made her compensation higher than this, however, because of the extensive travel. In the area of responsibility, the FDIC has similar but greater benefits such as generous mileage allowances and per diems for meals and lodging expenses. Her total compensation will be greater -- not to mention the excellent benefits. Plus, on non-examination days, the employee is allowed to telecommute from their home office or work on a flexible schedule, enhancing quality of life issues.


This CG-11 FDIC Compliance Examiner position is the first step to the CG-13 Supervisory Examiner and has promotion potential to CG-12 after one year. Most examiners spend one to two years in this position before being offered a promotion. The CG-13 supervisor does not have to travel as much, and is allowed telecommuting or flex schedule opportunities, making it a very desirable position.


This candidate was at first unsure how her extensive private experience would be reviewed. She soon learned that it was exactly the experience the FDIC was looking for, as they wanted someone who knew their way around the inside of a banking/credit institution. She was contacted within one week of her application with the news that she was referred and would be interviewed. After a structured interview, the selecting official decided to hire the other candidate; however, she was asked and encouraged to apply for another vacancy opening soon that they thought would be a perfect fit for her.


Sample resume from 'Ten Steps to a Federal Job™, 2nd Ed.,' Kathryn Troutman, author


103 Walmsley Avenue

Oakdale, LA 70555

(555) 555-5555 home

(555) 555-5550 cell


  • 20+ year banking and financial career. Consistent career growth in branch operations and lending. Strong background in institutional development, new product development and customer service.
  • Proven ability to function in high-pressured ever-changing environment, interacting effectively with all levels of support staff, management, and customers.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, coalition building, and collaborative partnerships. Ability to communicate orally and in writing, including technical and financial reports, and persuasive client/vendor interactions.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills; excellent decision maker.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of banking/financial industry and governmental policies and regulations.
  • Adept at using automated systems for data entry and retrieval. Ability to sort data and develop reports.


Branch Operations Coordinator, September 20xx – Present [3 years]

State Officer Credit Union, Baton Rouge, LA and Statewide

450 Morton Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70802

40 – 50 hours per week; Salary: $63,000 per year (includes car allowance)

Supervisor: Eileen Clark, Chief Operating Officer, 555-555-5555, extension 205. May contact.

MANAGE AND DIRECT THE OPERATIONS OF 8 BRANCHES STATE-WIDE and the main office operations with assets of $65 million. As part of the Management Team, perform strategic planning, budget functions, implement new products and services and conduct marketing activities. In the absence of the Accountant, work with the CFO to complete tax liens, accounts payable, prepaids, fixed assets and more (4 months in 2005-2006 and again for 6 months in 2008).

SUPERVISE, DEVELOP AND MONITOR THE PERFORMANCE OF 29 EMPLOYEES. Plan and assign work, create schedules, set goals and devise action plans. Appraise performance, recognize achievers and provide disciplinary action as needed. Recruit and hire managers and employees. Staff branches.

TRAVEL STATEWIDE TO VISIT BRANCHES, PROVIDE TECHNICAL ADVICE and oversee operations. Communicate orally to provide briefings and branch updates to Branch Managers, Tellers, Member Service Reps and Loan Officers; updates on Branch progression for Board reports; training for Board Members on the Bank Secrecy Act; and other varied oral and written briefings and updates.

PREPARE WRITTEN REPORTS such as summaries for loan and teller transactions, performance appraisals, training for employee files, OFAC reporting, FINCEN reporting, Currency Transactions Reporting, review 5300 call report for Office of Financial Institutions, cash over/short reports, ATM reports/outages, and more. Prepare compliance audit/report findings, consumer complaint investigations, non-compliance audit/report results and briefing packages for senior management.

USE AUTOMATED SYSTEMS for accounting functions, customer account management, communication and more. Includes Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook), Computer Marketing Flex System, Online Banking Setup, and Audio Response Setup. Knowledgeable about Windows XP and Vista and in-house computer network configuration. Administrate user accounts, manage security profiles and manage backup operations.

CONTINUITY OF OPERATIONS PLANNING: Member of Disaster Recovery Team involving policy writing, generator installation, alternate IBM AS400 hot site, personnel placement, transition of duties for staffing for continuance of electronic transmissions and Visa ATM, debit, and credit cards with third party vendors.

LOAN APPROVAL AUTHORITY: Independently approve loans up to $50,000 and supervise approval of loans for Branch Manager/Loan Officers. Assess credit risks and work with high-risk borrows. Member of In-house Loan Committee review board.

COORDINATE WITH STATE EXAMINERS, SUPERVISORY AUDITORS and external parties for compliance issues. Perform cash audits for tellers and vaults, audit key/combinations security breaches, and investigate cash over/short/outages for embezzling. Present documentation on compliance issues (such as training and disclosures) to auditors and examiners. Provide technical advice and guidance to subordinate Branch Managers with regard to consumer regulations including FACT act and Privacy of Consumer Information.

REGULATORY OVERSIGHT: Assistant Compliance Officer in charge of compliance with and programs related to Community Reinvestment Act, fair lending, consumer regulations, and more. Perform internal audit functions and serve as a key contact for external audits and exams. As part of the management team, involved in all OFI (Office of Financial Institution) exams, participating in 3 annual exams during this tenure.


  • Oversaw the build out and opening activities of the last four branches.
  • Developed and updated policy manuals for tellers, branch managers, member service reps, lending, personnel, ATM policy, internal security and first IT policy.
  • Developed training materials and standard operating procedures for lending, tellers, and member services.
  • Reduced staff and expenses by utilizing web-based online loan and new account applications; promoted online banking and bill pay services.

Chief Executive Officer, December 19xx – September 20xx [9 years]

Educational Association Credit Union, Lafayette, LA

10 Turbine Drive, Lafayette, LA 70506

50+ hours per week; Salary: $40,000 per year

Supervisor: Bart Douglas, Board President, 555-555-5555 (home). May Contact.

HIRED TO TRANSFORM SMALL CREDIT UNION and position for growth and expansion. Supervised up to 7 employees and guided the work of a 7-member Board of Directors plus a 3-person Supervisory Committee and a 3-person Loan Committee. Created full service financial institution from organization previously focused on savings and small loans.

IMPLEMENTED SIGNIFICANT NEW PROGRAMS including checking accounts, Debit/ATM cards, Electronic Transmissions (ACH, share draft, debit card), and Visa card program. Developed CRA-type loan programs for low income and underserved members, providing affordable rates and repayment options.

DEVELOPED POLICY AND PROCEDURES. Recruited, hired, trained and developed new employees. Oversaw payroll and performed other administrative tasks.

DIRECTED EXPANSION AND BUILD OUT OF SECOND BRANCH. Chose location by demographic member base, prepared rough designs for architect, coordinated with builder/contractor, paid all bills. Coordinated and tracked building structure materials, landscaping, new computer installation, furniture, banking equipment, security equipment, and the amortization schedules for assets. Coordinated computer upgrade, security system upgrade, and move to new location.

SECURITY AND COMPLIANCE OFFICER: Ensured COMPLIANCE with all federal government rules and regulations and instituted compliance procedures as new electronic products and services became available. Performed INTERNAL AUDIT functions and worked with external auditors and examiners. Improved NCUA CAMEL rating from 2 to 1 for five consecutive years. Assisted federal examiners and Supervisory Auditors for internal reviews that involved the FACT (Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions) act, Privacy of consumer information, and other compliance issues; gathered pre-exam documentation. Participated in 9 annual exams during my tenure. Ensured employees were trained and in compliance with all of these and provided follow up action for audit/exam areas of recommendation.

PREPARED FINANCIALS AND BOARD REPORTS, End of Year report filing to Regulatory Agencies, and other internal reports. Prepared monthly financials (P&L) for board report, monthly board package, Annual Meeting financial report, credit committee report and supervisory committee report, annual election of board and credit committee reports. Coordinated annual meeting including reports, food, elections, door prizes, and minutes for all committee/board meetings.

ORAL COMMUNICATION AND PUBLIC SPEAKING: Presided over all Board Meetings, presented updates and briefings, facilitated discussion on business before the Board, acted as parliamentarian, and made formal and informal presentations in an official capacity. Addressed groups of up to 50 to convey member services and grow membership.


  • Increased assets from $2 million to $10 million, creating full service financial institution.
  • Successfully designed and executed build out of new location.
  • Facilitated major technology upgrades including: upgraded IBM AS400, all PCs, software configuration, assisted with installation of hardware, coordinated with phone company for IP addresses and installation of phone system and new system training for employees.
  • Challenged problem solving skills during the process for business contingency.

Assistant Manager / Assistant Cashier, 19xx – 19xx [5 years]

Trust Bank Company, Lafayette, LA

40 – 50 hours per week; Salary: $24,000 per year

Supervisor: Roger Forrest, 555-555-5555. May contact.

PROCESSED ALL LOANS (auto, personal, mortgage, commercial valued up to $3 million) for 3 loan officers including completion of applications, analyzing credit bureau reports, preparing documents, loan closings and computer input and maintenance. Approval authority for personal and auto loans.

SUPERVISED TELLERS AND CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES. Recruited, hired, trained and developed employees. Monitored performance. Completed disciplinary actions as needed. Coordinated staffing relief for 3 branches. Coordinated and led training session for 9 employees on consumer regulations.

COORDINATED SECURITY AND MAINTENANCE OF BRANCH physical plant. Managed after-hours ATM response.

COMMUNITY REINVESTMENT ACT: Helped run a $200,000 loan program; tracked Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) reporting for logics. Instrumental in seeking underprivileged recipients for this CRA program; prepared documents, tracked loans for designated areas and prepared government reports for the program.

Consultant, November 19xx – May 19xx [7 months]

Resolution Trust Corporation, Lafayette, LA

40 – 50 hours per week; Salary: $24,000 per year

Supervisor: Roger Forrest, 555-555-5555. May contact.

Selected based on familiarity with mortgage loans, as ONE OF ONLY A FEW CONSULTANTS, to complete a variety of assignments to aid in the transition between a failed institution, First Louisiana FSB, and its merger with Trust Bank Company & Trust Company.

REASSIGNED MORTGAGES. Analyzed boxes of mortgage loans and completed reassignment documents to the new financial institution that purchased the loan packages. Aided the accountant with billing and charges associated with the transfers.

Branch Manager / Assistant Vice President, 19xx – 19xx [5 years]

First South Savings Bank, Lafayette, LA

Pinhook Road, Lafayette, LA 70506

40 hours per week; $18,000 per year

Supervisor: Walter Rogers, Managing Agent, retired, 555-555-5555 (home). May Contact.

CONSUMER LENDING OFFICER AND BRANCH SUPERVISOR, directing the work of tellers and customer service representatives (CSRs). Coordinated security and maintenance of branch. ATM Response Team coordinator. Recruited, hired, trained, developed and disciplined employees.

EXPERT KNOWLEDGE OF BANKING AND FINANCE FUNCTIONS including correspondence, teller functions, collections, safe-deposit box systems, new account procedures, and more.

CONDUCTED WEEKLY TRAINING SESSIONS for 30+ employees on consumer regulations, policy and procedures. Developed and presented slides and material on the subject matter.

PROMOTED 3 TIMES IN FIRST TWO YEARS. Began tenure in Legal Department and worked up to Branch Manager. Other positions included Teller / Domestic Collections and Customer Service Representative / Assistant to Branch Coordinator.

  • Developed teller and CSR training manuals
  • Coordinated important functions during merger/transition to Trust Bank Company and interim management by the Resolution Trust Corporation. Tasks related to preparation of documentation, transitioned transfers/assignment of mortgage loan packages, final payment of debts for 6 months and final merger of assets.


Personal Computer and Networked Systems

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook)

TRW Credit Data, Equifax and Trans Union credit reporting


Notary Public, since [date] (current)

Banking coursework includes:

  • Principles of Banking
  • Accounting
  • Law and Banking
  • Supervisory Management
  • Commercial Lending
  • Consumer Lending
  • Check 21
  • OFAC
  • Various Louisiana Credit Union League seminars for Federal rules and regulation updates


  • Acadiana Security Association, Secretary ([date] – [date])
  • Consumer Credit Association (former member Board of Directors) ([date])
  • Branch Coordinator, Running of the Ducks (top seller 5 years) ([date] – [date])
  • Sertoma Air Show Volunteer ([date] – [date])
  • Better Business Bureau, Membership Drive Volunteer ([date])
  • Coordinated Kidney Association Walkathon ([date])
  • MDA volunteer ([date] – [date])
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