Island Paradise Dodo is back from extinction

Island Paradise dodo
Island Paradise dodo

Island Paradise has just released a brand new animal, the Dodo. Though Dodos are an extinct breed of bird, this dodo is back and spreading quickly.

The Dodo in Island Paradise produces eggs to use in your recipes, which is a good way to put them right back into extinction. We'll pretend that you're saving a few for preservation so that the breed can continue to exist. This large bird isn't cheap, it will cost you 750 Meteor Credits to have one of your own.

The Dodo is harvestable every 4 hours and gives out 25 coins. It is only going to be around in the game for 16 days, so it is limited and then it will be gone back to extinction. Island Paradise have also announced that a new Squirrel is available for purchase, but we were unable to find it in our Island Shop to give you details.

What do you think of the new Dodo? Do you like the idea of extinct animals making an appearance in games?