Interviews Are Auditions. Welcome to Showbiz

interviewsInterviews are auditions. Welcome to showbiz. Interviews

Those who are skilled in positioning and packaging themselves for interviews-as-auditions are the ones hired.

Those who might be the best qualified but don't know how to play the right part for the right audience with just the right confidence [not arrogance] could remain unemployed.

So, how do you shift from approaching interviews in a purely professional manner to transforming them into brilliant performance art or acting? Here are some tips:

  • Create presence. The interview room is a stage. It's your responsibility to blend your facial expressions, body language, eye contact, and words to hold the attention of your audience. No, you don't want to dominate them. What you do want to do is make an electric connection. As with all acting, this might require practice. That's why shrewd job searchers grab every interview they can as dry runs.

  • Keep 'reading' audience. Great actors keep making modifications to their performance, based on the signals they are picking up from the audience. That's why it's a handicap to go in with a set script. Rather, jot down points that you consider a priority to communicate. If the interviewers seem interested in your background in sales when you're applying for a job in coordination, then shift over to that topic. They may have another opportunity in mind for you.
  • Forget yourself. Be totally attuned to the interviewers, not focused on yourself. Self consciousness handicaps your ability to be on the same page with those doing the hiring. Athletes call this ability being "in the zone." Saint Francis of Assisi called it "self forgetting." Part of that is showing gratitude for the interviewers' interest in you. Express that explicitly. An attitude of gratitude can make that group part of your network, even it it doesn't hire you. The door is open for other kinds of pitches in the future.

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