Have a Thankgiving dinner for your pet in PetVille

PetVille Thanksgiving
PetVille Thanksgiving

PetVille is one of the last Zynga games that has been still devoid of Thanksgiving decorations. That all has changed today with the debut of a new collection of turkey day items available in the store. There is all sorts of adorable high quality items available to get your festivity on in your pet's house.

A set of teepees is available if you want to show your Native American pride. There is a Diamond Teepee, a Horns Teepee, Craft Teepee, Buffalo Teepee, Chief Teepee, and Spirit Teepee. These teepees are all available for 9,900 coins. There is also the Fall Outdoor Background for 25 Pet Cash, and the Fall Outdoor Ground for 9,900 coins. You can buy a Plymouth Rock for 10 Pet Cash and a very cute Grasshopper on Corn for 49 Pet Cash.

For your Thanksgiving feast, there are many items to put on the table. A Bushel of Fruits is 7,000 coins, and there are also Cherry Tomatoes and a White Carrot, Table Grapes, Strawberries, Bumpy Gourd, Corns on Cobs, Gourd and Apple Basket, Salad of Sorts, Macaroni and Cheese, and Seasoned Peas. Of course, the Roasted Turkey is available for 19 Pet Cash. And to put the feast on, you can buy a Red Plaid Picnic Table for 13,000 coins and sit on a Plaid Picnic Chair for 8 Pet Cash.

A gorgeous Yellow Maple Tree or a Beech Tree will provide nice shade for your meal at 17 Pet Cash, and 7 Pet Cash will get you Yellow Beech Leaves to decorate the ground with. Finally, there is a Pilgrim costume and a Turkey costume to deck your pet out with.

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