FrontierVille Quests: Family Guide

frontierville quests family guide
frontierville quests get marriedSo you've set out on a FrontierVille quest to the wild west: you've made your claim, you've tamed the wilderness, you've raised some crops and livestock, and you've built a log cabin. So what's next for such a brave FrontierVille pioneer? Perhaps the most challenging quest of them all: starting a family.

By doing specific FrontierVille quests, you can slowly build a family. Start with getting your spouse out west, then have a kid, maybe have another, perhaps have four more (at least you won't be lonely).

However, starting a family isn't easy, it's a lot of work. In addition to often losing your spouse in the woods, you'll have a ton of FrontierVille quests to do. So what are you waiting for? Use our FrontierVille Quests: Family Guide to get your family started today.

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FrontierVille Quests: Family Guide

FrontierVille Quests: Get Married

FrontierVille Quests: Have a kid (or six)
frontierville quests family guide
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