FrontierVille Care Packages: Get the items you need soon

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Care PackageFinally, something I actually need. FrontierVille is next in line to receive Zynga's adaptation of FarmVille's Special Delivery: the Care Package. This new, intelligent item will only be giftable through homestead visits and will grant players with items they actually need. Whether it contains building materials, school supplies, mission items and even collectibles, whatever is in that Care Package will always contribute to something you're currently working toward.

Again, only visiting a friend's homestead will give you the option of sending them a Care Package. However, you can only access these gifts through the traditional Game Requests page on Facebook and only then will the item appear in your inventory, but that's not all. You'll then have to take the package from your inventory and then open on the homestead to see what's inside. While it's a bit of work, at least everyone gets extra Cloth, Energy and items they'll need out of the deal. Care Packages are going to be a fun time when this thing catches on, let me tell you.

[Via FrontierVille Info]

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