FishVille releases round two of Thanksgiving decorations


Just a few days ago, FishVille released a small set of Thanksgiving decoration which we weren't too impressed with. Tonight, another round of decorations has hit the FishVille store, and we think these ones are a bit better. They will cost you some Sand Dollars though, as just about every new item available requires you to pay with the hard-to-get currency. These items do not have an expiration date, but we imagine they won't be around much longer after Thanksgiving next Thursday. Here are the new items that you can find:

Diving Turkey
- 14 Sand Dollars
Green Maple Tree - 10 Sand Dollars
Mayflower - 8 Sand Dollars
Table Sandbenches - 5 Sand Dollars
Turkey Gun - 4 Sand Dollars
Mashed Potatoes - 10,000 coins
Pilgrim Hat - 20,000 coins

That is about it, bringing the grand total of Thanksgiving items to 13. It's still possible that we'll see more as there is over a week left until Thanksgiving.

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