Fired UPS Employee Keeps Showing Up at His Old Job

UPS jobsUPS fired employee Wesley Anderson on Sept. 5, 2008, reports the New York Post. The trouble is, Anderson keeps showing up at the UPS 43rd Street facility in Manhattan. He contends he's still employed at UPS.

So, UPS filed a lawsuit against Anderson, seeking two things. One, UPS wants to bar him forever from the 43rd Street location since, as a former employee, he has an overview of how security operates. Anderson has a history of workplace violence, which was the reason he got canned. He had engaged in a package-throwing fight. And, two, UPS wants a financial remedy for all Anderson allegedly put the company through.

Anderson might consider his own lawsuit. He might file a lawsuit on behalf of himself because of the lax security at the Manhattan location, which is an area vulnerable to terrorist attack. After all, Anderson was able to enter it several times. He should have been protected against his delusion that he was still employed there. Shame on UPS.

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