FarmVille Candy Cane crops: Buy them and help support a children's hospital

farmville candy cane crops
farmville candy cane crops

Earlier this week, we gave FarmVille fans a sneak peek at a new Candy Cane crop for the holidays. Turns out, this candied crop will be part of another charity event in the game, much like the previous Seeds for Haiti campaigns. Starting December 1, virtual farmers will be able to buy the Candy Cane crop using Farm Cash and 100% of the proceeds will go to the San Francisco-based UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital, which is currently under construction.

So far, Zynga has been able to raise around $3 million for charities in Haiti, so this could make for a major contribution for the UCSF project. This project made news in late October as well, when it launched a major fundraising campaign, challenging celebrities and others with influence to raise money by reaching out to their networks via Facebook and Twitter. Whichever team brings in the most money by December 16 will be able to name a wing of the new hospital. So if you want to help contribute to the cause (and maybe help create the 'Zynga' wing of the new hospital), keep your Farm Cash at the ready.

Based on images we've seen so far, the FarmVille Candy Cane crop will be masterable and, like the previous for-charity crops, they will never wither and will be available for a limited time, in this case December 1-15.

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