FarmVille: Thanksgiving Buildings/Decorations now available


Not only has Zynga released a new set of Agricultural Alchemy items in tonight's FarmVille update, but they've also unveiled a large portion of this year's Thanksgiving theme of items, including a new building and a whole slew of new decorations.

The new building is the Fall Home, a country home covered in fallen leaves, that is available to purchase for 15 Farm Cash. While this building is quite lovely, it's in the decorative portion of the store that we start to find the items that are really interesting.

There, you'll find two of the three Thanksgiving Balloons we spoke of over the weekend. Those being the Horse and Cow Balloons (as of this writing, the Duck Balloon is strangely MIA). In addition to these balloons (which go for 5 Farm Cash each), you'll find Autumn Gourds for 2 Farm Cash, a set of regular Gourds for 1 Farm Cash, an individual section of Wreath Fencing for 5,000 coins, and two kinds of decorative pumpkins: a Black Pumpkin and a White Pumpkin, each of which costs 1,500 coins.

Currently, these items are listed at between 14-16 days remaining in the game's store, depending on the item. The Balloons, Fencing, Pumpkins and even Fall Home will leave the store after two weeks, but the two Gourds items will last the full 16 day time limit.

As we've seen more unreleased images leak pertaining to Thanksgiving, we can only assume that this is but the first round of Thanksgiving themed buildings / decorations we'll see released in FarmVille this month. Be sure to check back with us as (if) new items release, so you're always on top of the game.

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While we're waiting for more items, let us know which of these items you're most looking forward to adding to your farm in the comments. We'd love to hear what you think.