FarmVille: Snow Cone and Cottoncandy Trees no longer limited time

In tonight's FarmVille update, along with the massive features comes a couple of minor changes that will make players happy. Two trees from the Country Fair theme, the Snow Cone Tree and the Cottoncandy Tree have now been made not limited time. Previously, they were set to expire before the theme ended, but now the expiration has been removed.

This is actually a huge help to players because they now have the option to finish their mastery in those trees before they are taken away. Nothing is more annoying than being so close to mastering something and having it removed just before you can finish.

Additionally, the Bubble Gum Tree has now been made an addition to the store. This expensive 30 Farm Cash tree was only available as a seedling from having Cottoncandy or Snow Cone trees in your orchard. You can now buy this tree outright, which is great because it definitely stands out from all other trees.

Have you seen any other small changes in tonight's FarmVille update? Let us know!