FarmVille: New Pilgrim, Turkey, and Wizard costumes

FarmVille Pilgrim and FarmVIlle Turkey
FarmVille Pilgrim and FarmVIlle Turkey

Tonight's massive FarmVille update brought four new adorable costumes, three for Thanksgiving and one for the new Agricultural Alchemy theme. Available for 10 Farm Cash each, these costumes are absolutely cute and are decently priced for the full makeover that they give your avatar.

For Thanksgiving, there are two Pilgrim costumes, a Pilgrim Girl and a Pilgrim Boy. Even if you are a female avatar, you can still wear the other gender's clothing option, so you're not stuck to buying the gender that your avatar happens to be. There is also a new Turkey costume, which has big cute eyes.

For the new Agricultural Alchemy theme, there is a new Wizard costume that will give you the perfect outfit to celebrate the new Harry Potter movie this weekend.

Which costume do you like best? Will you be celebrating Thanksgiving in FarmVille, or is Harry Potter more your style?

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