FarmVille Mystery Game offers "Best Of" items this week


This week's Mystery Game in FarmVille is a bit of a throwback, being comprised of a "Best of" theme of items - those items that are apparently some of users' favorites, which have made a quick, week-long comeback to the game.

The prizes for this week's Mystery Game are the Antique Home, Red Squirrel, Backyard Pool, Raccoon, Pied Peacock, and Panther Cub. These items, as usual, range in rarity from Common to Rare, and you'll have to pay 16 Farm Cash per go at the game to get any of these items that you want.

This "Best Of" Mystery Game will only be available until next Tuesday night, when another round of the game, filled with different (perhaps even new) items will take its place, so play fast if you want a chance at collecting all six of this week's items.

Do you already have any of these new Mystery Game prizes, or will you play this week's game to earn them all? Let us know in the comments.