FarmVille Fruitcake: What is it for?

farmville fruitcake
farmville fruitcake

Update: The Fruitcake mystery has been solved: Click here to learn all about the FarmVIlle Thanksgiving Basket.

FarmVille farmers have been puzzled by the seemingly useless FarmVille Fruitcake turning up in their gift boxes. While the forums have been ripe with speculation about what these FarmVille Fruitcakes could be used for, I have some ideas of my own.

FarmVille Fruitcake can be gifted to friends when your Turkey Roost is ready to harvest. The more turkeys you have in your Turkey Roost, the better the chance of receiving Fruitcake. Those who were fortunate enough to get their hands on FarmVille Fruitcake have reported that it currently has no use. When they click the Fruitcake they receive the message, "Whoa there, farmer! We don't have anywhere for you to put this just yet. Why not hang onto it in your Gift Box for just a little longer?"

Continue reading to see what I think the FarmVille Fruitcake might be used for.