ESPNU College Town: Giant Thanksgiving turkey terrorizes campus

Thanksgiving Turkey
Thanksgiving Turkey

No, don't run. Go get the basters and a fire pit going--stat! A massive turkey can be seen terrorizing campuses everywhere in ESPNU College Town. We imagine he's a mittle miffed about the Thanksgiving Feasts popping up. The most recent update also added some cheerful animations to the otherwise dead Thanksgiving items that were recently released.

In other (less exciting) news, Playdom fixed the Spirit calculation made on the post-Challenge screen to accurately display only the Spirit gained in the district it took place rather than the whole campus. We hope that issue wasn't a deal breaker for some players. Also included in the update is (a little more exciting, we promise) the ability to send friends a Gameday Challenge Gift, which gives your lucky friends another Challenge to pummel you in Football with. Wait, that's not how it supposed to work...

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