Celebrate Thanksgiving in Treasure Isle with fall decorations


Zynga has jumped into the fall / Thanksgiving celebration in Treasure Isle by releasing what could be just the first round of new fall and Thanksgiving themed decorative items in the treasure-hunting game.

These items can be found, you guessed it, by clicking on "Decorations" in the store. Here's a list of the available items, along with prices and special features, where available:

Cranberry Truck - Adds 10 spaces to your Backpack - 40 Island Cash
Big Barn - Adds 10 spaces to your Backpack - 40 Island Cash
Squirrel Table - 10,000 coins
Small Squash - 150 coins
Cornstalks - 200 coins
Indian Corn - 150 coins
Brown Pile of Leaves - 200 coins
Pile of Red Leaves - 200 coins
Pile of Yellow Leaves - 200 coins
Cornucopia - 400 coins
Wooden Fence - 100 coins
Cranberry Crate - 100 coins
Plough - 500 coins

Fortunately, the only two items on this list that are limited edition are the Cranberry Truck and the Big Barn, which will both only be available in the game for the next 12 days. After that, your chance at potentially 20 extra spaces of Backpack inventory will be gone, that is, until Zynga can release another item with a similar (or even the same) effect.

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With the cheap prices of these decorative items, will you splurge on a few to add a touch of fall flair to your Home Island? Let us know in the comments.