Car Town speeds up with two new limited edition cars

Car Town new cars
Car Town new cars

Car Town is all about releasing new makes and models of your favorite automobiles, and today two new cars are available to buy and park in your garage.

First up is the 2010 FJ Cruiser, which is a Class C performance vehicle with a 223 performance rating. It gives out 305 experience and costs 26 points. There are currently only 7,407 available as of this writing, but you cannot purchase one for yourself unless you are least level 27.

The second new vehicle is the 1971 Lamborghini Miura SV. This expensive luxury car is a class A car with a huge performance ranking of 535. It is available in six colors, and gives out a whopping 3483 XP. There are only 3,430 of these hot cars left, but they're not cheap. At 375 points to purchase, you may have to save awhile in order to buy this one.

We're not a huge fan of limited quantity items, because they often sell out so quick that players don't even get a chance to log in before they're gone. These two cars are pretty awesome though, so log in soon if you want to make these cars yours.