Baking Life: Who let the dogs out?

Baking Life beagle and golden retriever
Baking Life beagle and golden retriever

Baking Life has always had dogs available for purchase in the store and available for adoption from your friend's wall posts. Today, two new dogs were released in the shop and you can make these cuddly companions your own. Why you'd want to keep a dog in your bakery we're not sure, but they're cute enough that we'll make an exception to common sense.

The two puppies are the Golden Retriever and the Beagle. These dogs will both cost you 20 Facebook Credits and give out 8.9 style points to increase your bakery's value. You can find the dogs in the "Floor Decor" of the store, and they do not appear to be limited.

It doesn't seem that these dogs are adoptable from friend's walls, but it could be that we just haven't found them yet.

Do you like these new dogs in Baking Life? What kind of dogs do you want to see next?