Scott Avidon Will Pay $25K for You to Find Him Job

Scott Avidon posted on his blog an offer you can't refuse -- find him a job as a marketing consultant in the jewelry business and you can earn up to $25,000.

The actual amount depends on his base pay. For example, if you find him a job paying $176,000 to $225,000, you earn as a referral fee $20,000.

So far, so good. Avidon, who made in the $250,000 range before he was laid off last May, has been receiving solid leads. Some have been from chief executive officers. If their intervention lands him a job, then they have the option to contribute the "reward" to a charity.

Because Avidon is cash-challenged right now, he has to ask that the job finder wait until he has been working three months. Then he can afford to pony up the possible five figures. You can reach him through his blog.

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