Royal Wedding is a Royal Flush for Jobs

royal weddingPrince William of England and Kate Middleton are engaged.

There's nothing like a royal wedding, which will take place next year, to boost business in just about every industry ranging from tourism to trinkets. The multiplier effect for global job creation will be awesome. Bars around the world with their huge television screens will be hiring lots of extra servers, short-order cooks, and bouncers.

As the darling couple of our times, Prince William and Kate Middleton can lift the darkness hovering over much of the world economy, both in terms of dollars and in terms of mood. Yeah, it has been so bad in the United Kingdom that the head of the 'family firm," Queen Elizabeth, called off the palace employees' holiday party. The workers are still grousing. They will be unable to dance with the queen.

To exploit this opportunity, begin thinking with your heart. The themes here are: a commoner brings joy to a future king who lost his mother early in life; banking on the future generation to restore peace and common sense to the world; and everyone loves a good show -- which seasoned businessperson Queen Elizabeth knows how to put on.

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