Restaurant City: Just when you thought Halloween was over...

Restaurant City: The Ghouls are Unleashed is back!
Restaurant City: The Ghouls are Unleashed is back!

...the ghouls have invaded Restaurant City again, and this time, they're stalking the streets in broad daylight! (This isn't as cool as the endless hours of darkness imposed over the game during the holiday, but players can easily replicate the effect for themselves by completing the Lounge Bar or buying the Night Sculpture for 20 Playfish Cash.) But I'm certainly not complaining, cause it's clear that "The Ghouls are Unleashed" is a great feature for releasing special items, and if Playfish wants to milk it for all its worth, that just means more freebies for us.

Today's Gold award is the Golden Inca Statue, which doesn't exactly tie into their upcoming Aztec Week. But it's due to cultural ignorance more than insensitivity that gets people lumping the Mayans, Aztecs, and Incans together. Anyway, the game's set the cost of the statue at 4,000 Coins, but it's not available at the store. The sell price on it is 1,333 Coins, so if you don't like it, you can sell it for coinage.

As for the other awards, Bronze grants you a free 500 Coins, and Silver is offering a free Chili ingredient, which is mighty considerate of Playfish. You see, Chili is one of four ingredients required to master the Chili Chocolate Chicken, so expect it to disappear fast.